Empowering Mothers

Supporting Mothers to Flourish

To find that Inner Loving Mother inside you that can hold you when you're stressed, comfort you when you're worried, and celebrate your successes large and small, that is the key to your wellness and happiness. When you have found her, the world is a friendlier, simpler, and more joyful place. I can help you call her home. 

Psychotherapy for Moms
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I have many years of experience helping women with the life transitions and difficulties of motherhood.


I began to specialize in empowering mothers while practicing psychotherapy at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center in San Francisco, CA and later at Catholic Charities Counseling Center CYO, in San Mateo, CA. I have found that this work is the utmost in rewarding as moms often carry the burden of nurturance in the family;  trying to please, love, protect, soothe, and plan for their children and loved ones. All too often, there seems there is no energy left to care for yourself or enough people or resources to support to your developmental process. I would like to help you  navigate the journey of motherhood which can be the most rewarding area for personal, spiritual, and joyful interpersonal development.


 In one of my previous roles as the Perinatal Therapist at Women's Recovery Association, in Burlingame, CA, I was responsible for the healing and support of all of the mothers, pregnant women, and their young children in residential and outpatient treatment. I provided creative, playful, and in-depth psychotherapy and in-house coaching to mothers of all ages and backgrounds. I also designed and led many support groups each week for mothers and pregnant women, including emotional support groups, weekly parenting classes, mommy & me bonding classes, self-esteem groups, life skills, and birthing-way (pregnancy celebration) ceremonies.


Support Groups for mothers with varying themes will be offered soon! 



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