Free Your Heart, Free Your Life

Contemplative Psychotherapy

Therapy is a place where I welcome you to arrive, to receive support to be yourself as you are; heart open or heart-broken, angry, sad, or confused. There are many reasons to seek out support for your healing process.  Learn More...

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is about seeking a wise ally. As your ally, I know that your heart has the answers that you need to hear yourself speak. You can create an authentic life; that is naturally and truly yours. It's a spiritual journey, this listening to the heart.  Learn More...

Meditation & Mindfulness

All aliveness, vitality, creativity and happiness emanates from deep intimacy and contact with the "now" as it unfolds, moment to moment. In both psychotherapy and coaching, I will help you learn to connect more deeply with yourself and your life in the present moment. Learn More...

Empowering Mothers

Moms often carry the burden of nurturance in the family; trying to please, love, protect, soothe, and plan for their children and loved ones. All too often, there seems there is no energy left to care for themselves. Motherhood is full of challenges and joys. I can help you navigate the journey. Learn More...


I lead groups on mindfulness, meditation, self-love, and the inquiry of Byron Katie. Groups can be a fun and rewarding environment to learn about yourself, get support from others, and bond with a like-minded community. Contact me for more information. Learn More...


A serene, emotionally healthy, and creative work environment becomes a place where people look forward to contributing to the growth of the company and each others' wellbeing. I offer trainings on mindfulness and meditation to schools and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn More...


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